Please Read FULL Description PRIOR To Any Purchase

Thank you for your interest. Please take the time to "search items by seller" to view all my current listings (Currently at 100+ items)

All regular sized Funko Pop & individual Dorbz figurines are sold in their original box AND are shipped in a Pop Protective Case unless otherwise stated. 

Rock Candy & Pop Rides collectables are not in any type of protective case since I could never find one to properly fit these items.

Choose which figure you want from my multiple listings currently available. These items are quite collectable and most have been in my sole possession since purchase.  The items I did acquire as the original owner were purchased at an assortment of retail stores and as a result the boxes may or may not be in 100% mint condition.  I placed pop protector cases over each box once they were purchased, so the condition you receive the box in is the original condition the item was purchased. I was selective in purchasing these items and I did keep an eye out for figure placement inside the package as well as the outer box condition (such as corner dents, scratches, etc.) prior to my purchase so you can be confident that these items are the ones anyone would be proud to display as part of your collection.

PLEASE NOTE some boxes may have damage and shelf wear (it's worth repeating as box/figure condition is very important to any collector).

I obviously can NOT guarantee what happened to the figure(s) prior to my purchase, so I have NO idea if any of these boxes dropped in the store, were opened by store employees or any number of other things beyond my control. As a result, I can't say that the figures are 100% MINT, but what I CAN say is that they have been kept on shelves, in a smoke free home & rarely (if ever) moved after their purchase.

The regular size figures cost approximately $3/each ($10 for Pop Rides) to ship in a properly protected package in order to avoid damaging the item.  When sellers offer reduced shipping for multiple items they sometimes cut corners on the protective layers inside each package & that sometimes causes the item to be damaged in transit.  I commit to providing the best possible delivery experience to my customers and as a result I'd rather charge the legitimate shipping rate.

That all being said I will combine the shipment of items for multiples purchased into as few packages as possible. While I can’t offer a discount for shipping on the "Buy It Now" items as they are listed with Free Shipping, I will be offering a discount for those who are the winning bidders for my auction style items.  This discount will take effect in multiples of five or more items & I have listed a breakdown below.

Overall Shipping Cost Discount Breakdown:

$5 off the total shipping costs when five or more items are purchased.

$10 off the total shipping costs when ten or more items are purchased.

$15 off the total shipping costs when fifteen or more items are purchased.


******** Please Read Closing Notes Posted Below  ********

Due to the market price fluctuation of the items, NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

If you want detailed pictures of ANY item, inbox me with your request PRIOR to purchase to ensure your 100% purchase satisfaction. Please allow me up to 24 hours to respond to any such picture request as I do have a full time job and may not be home to access the item(s) you are interested in.

Thank you for your attention in reading this item description.  If you have ANY other questions, please inbox me and I will reply as quickly as I possibly can.