Securing Band For Crock Pot,Pan Lid 11.4"One Universal Kit/Pot Not Included New. Band and clips only. No crock pots or pans included. Confidentially transport food without spilling. This is a set of one 11.4" band and two clips.  The one 11.4 "band can stretch to 19" or more. The band is 3 1/2" wide at its widest point. They are notched for lid top. There are two universal heat resistant plastic hooks that attach to the band and can hook just about any configuration. Not to be used as a carrying handle. It always return to its original shape.Instructions included. It really does work great!

   ♦  Silicone rubber and plastic hooks are heat resistant to 500oF

                      ♦  Fits oval cookware with 2 to 3 quart capacity

                      ♦  Elastic memory ensures proper function after thousands of uses

                      ♦  Hooks are 30% glass for strength and heat resistance

                      ♦  Have pointed ribs to ensure a secure grip on the cookware handles and 

                          square ribs for comfortable gripping with your fingers

                      ♦  Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe

♦ Designed specifically to work with all types of cookware that have handles.

          ♦ Silicone rubber was selected for its durability, elastic memory, heat resistance

             and FDA approved color.

          ♦ The hooks are made from a blend of plastic and glass which gives the same

             durability and heat resistance characteristics of the silicone rubber.

          ♦ The hooks incorporate raised "ribs" for handling and using SecureLid™.  On

             surfaces where your fingers touch the hook - the ribs are square to provide a

             comfortable feel.  On surfaces where the hook grabs the strap or cookware

             handles - the ribs are pointed to enable a secure grip.