PANTRY LIDS Reusable Plastic Tin Can Covers/Couvercles for canned food 4 Sizes

PANTRY LIDS Reusable Plastic Tin Can Covers/Couvercles for canned food 4 Sizes

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The Original PANTRY LIDS: Plastic Reusable Tin Can Covers / Couvercles for canned food.

Pantry Lids™


for Canned Food.

by New Urban Pantry© all rights reserved
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If you've ever put a can in the fridge - then you need Pantry Lids! Save a little money, time, and hassle.  Go ahead, buy the bigger can.  Take what you want and put a lid on it! Easy to find with color coding for individual sizes!

Think of the time and mess you'll save yourself.  Say Goodbye to plastic baggies and leaky tin foil.  Say HELLO Pantry LIDS!

Did I mention these Lids are 100% made and packaged in the USA? That's right!


Pantry Lids are safe, non-BPA, plastic covers for the most popular sized US cans:

  • Large, 4" (10cm) fits whole tomatoes, yams, large pie fillings, and more. Color: BLACK. "Large Set" is 2 lids;
  • Medium, 3-3/8" (8.6cm) fits pineapple, tuna, baked beans, soups, pet food, and more. Color: CARAMEL. "Medium Set" is 2 lids;
  • Small, 3" (7.6cm) fits fruits, vegetables, chili, milk, pet food, and more. Color: Dark BROWN. "Small Set" is 2 lids;
  • Extra Small, 2-5/8" *** (6.7cm) fits condensed soup, chilies, sliced olives, tall asparagus, and more. Color: BLACK. "X-Small Set" is 2 lids;
  • The Starter Set includes 1 lid of each of the 4 sizes.


  • Sizes are approximate & colors are as shown.
  • *The 4" Large size fits the RC LASER Sailboat's Hatch Cover nicely.
  • While they may fit jet oil, wood stains, and various other chemical canned products; the aromatic vapors will degrade and destroy Pantry Lids in a shorter period of time.
    For these applications, consider Pantry Lids a temporary and disposable can cover. 

Please make certain the item you want to purchase is selected in the drop-down BEFORE adding to your CART;
PLEASE ASK if you are uncertain about the fit before buying. I am happy to verify this for you.



  • Wash in warm soapy water.
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack.
  • Not recommended for hot foods or microwave use.
  • Caution suggested for canned CHEMICALS. See Notes


  • Certain brands have taken to labeling the cans upside down so be sure to try the lid on both ends of the can before opening.  A tight lid can be opened with a lid-lifter; that's the rounded end of an ordinary can-opener.
  • Pantry Lids are made of quality L.D.P.E. #4, a food grade reusable plastic.  L.D.P.E. does not absorb odors or bacteria like the P.E.T. plastics which are made specifically for single use bottles and lids.
  • We have no control of can manufacturing.  Cans manufactured outside the US may discolor; dispose of these cans immediately. Wash the lid in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before re-use.
  • Different foods have different storage life.  For instance opened olives keep longer than opened beans in the refrigerator.
  • Recommended life cycle for average use is up to a maximum 3 years. Extreme or Frequent use can reduce the life cycle down to 6 months. 


Q: Which size fits a can of evaporated milk? The large size?  don't even know if they make the small can of milk anymore. Thanks so much.
A: The small 3 inch brown lid fits 14 oz and larger evaporated and condensed milk. I have nothing to fit the tiny cans though.
Here's an idea: take a can of corn, stack one on the other, if they are the same size the 3" brown will fit.
Q: Not a question ... I just wanted to say thank you again for a great product! The lids fit perfectly and haven't split. Plus, you didn't gouge me on shipping like the last seller of super cheap quality made-in-China-split-within-a-month lids did. I hope you have continued success and your business explodes with new sales and profits!
A: You are very welcome. And I want to Thank You for your fantastic feedback..  Just wish I could post this in the listing!
Q: You may want to add the exact size's, for those of us who can measure, 1/8th and 16ths. At first I assume you did not have what I needed, till I read the, "Questions." I assume the "x-small" is the standard Campebell's soup can type, that's 2-5/8 across? And I assume the "small" is for Dennison's chili, that's 2-15/16th across? Metric maybe too, just kidding.
A: Thank you for the suggestions. Metric is actually a great idea! The actual design dimensions are based on 3 digit decimal inches, so I can only approximate the fraction. The Small would be closest to 2-61/64". The diameter plus the height allows a certain amount of 'wiggle room' in fitting various cans. It's a judgement call in referencing the sizes which is why I added the types of cans: chile, vegetables, fruits... I love hearing from my customers about how they use their Pantry Lids! Thanks so much. Enjoy!
Q: Do you know what exact size fits..... #1-Campbell condensed soups 10 3/4 oz - #2-Progresso soups 18 oz? Thanks!
A: #1 X-Small; #2 Medium.  Thanks for the question!
Q: Does the Large lid fit a 46 fl oz cans of juice?
A: No, it doesn't fit JUICE; don't have that lid size at this time. Thanks for the question!
Q: FYI These don't fit the Chunky Soups, they do fit the Progresso cans [edited]
A: Thank you for pointing out this important distinction. While I'd love to provide every size for every can - it just isn't possible at this time. I try to provide the most range of sizes for the most widely used products & that one is a stickler.

Pantry Lids are a busy person's best friend! And a thoughtful gift for singles, empty-nesters, college students and parents.

Pantry Lids are the Perfect Dorm-room essential - right next to the can opener. What college student wouldn't love these convenient, space saving, and practical can lids?


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