New!  Nickel Grass 850 Hinge 
These are new old stock hinges, never installed.  This 850 hinge is a perfect fit to replace a Grass 830 hinge.  I'm a cabinet maker and I've used these and similar hinges for over 30 years. Please ask if you have any questions about your application. 

If you are replacing a broken Grass 830, 831 or 850 hinge, this is the only hinge that uses all three mounting holes.  The Grass 830, 831 and 850 boring pattern is unique to this hinge.  The other hinges available on the market, even Grass replacement hinges like the 862 and 864 require you to drill new screw holes for mounting purposes. These holes need to be precisely drilled so the hinge is square to the edge of the door.  Any misalignment of the hinge will cause binding and premature failure

 Standard shipping is $4.95 for the first hinge and free for each additional hinge.  (U.S. only)

 Thanks for looking.