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Purchase Contents: 
  • One 20.66 acre registered Arizona mining claim (Registration current to September 1st of 2018, fees due on September 1st of 2018 to the Bureau of Land Management to keep the claim active. For more information on the fees please see below.)
    • An Arizona mining claim grants you mineral rights to the land, not property rights. For further information on what these mineral rights allow, please visit the Bureau of Land Management.  
  • Copy of the recorded location notice for the claim
  • Topographic map with claim drawn in, and full size 7.5 Topographic map of the area
  • Claim Coordinates in 1983 NAD
  • Virtual claim packet:
    • Claim map
    • Coordinates 
    • Claim plotted in Google Earth

Payment Information:
The above noted "buy it now" price is the full cost of this claim. There is no tax on unpatented mining claims in Arizona, and our price includes all transfer fees for the claim at the time of purchase. The Bureau of Land Management requires a yearly maintenance fee forevery active U.S. mining claim. The fee for this claim for the 2019 year is $155.00, due no later than September 1st of 2018. If you are on a payment plan with us for your claim and it has not yet been deeded over to you, we will make sure the fee is paid and added to your balance. 

We accept cash in person, check by mail or card over the phone as payment options. You may choose a payment plan or to pay the claim in full and receive the qualifying discount. Payment plans are available to anyone. A minimum $100.00 payment will be required down. Down payment is expected within 3 business days of purchase, or order may be cancelled. Minimum monthly payments of $100.00 per claim per month. You are able to purchase and be making payments on more than one claim at a time. You are able to begin mining your claim the day the down payment is received. Claims on a payment plan that have fallen into a past due status in excess of 30 days will be repossessed. 

Refund Policy: 
We are confident that you will love your mining claim. If for ANY reason you do not, or simply change your mind within 7 days from the date of purchase we will fully refund your charge, no fees, no exceptions. Within 90 days of the date of purchase we will offer you a trade for any mining claim in our inventory. There is $100.00 trade processing fee. The difference in the cost of claims will be added/subtracted from your balance. 

Discounts Available: 
10% - Payment in full 
10% - Veteran - Thank you for your service!
10% - Law Enforcement - We appreciate you!

** Combined discounts will result in 10% for the first discount, and 5% for each additional discount. 

Bumblebee Creek # 3 is a twenty acre placer claim located approximately 2.5 miles northwest of Bumblebee Arizona in Yavapai County on the eastern slopes of the Bradshaw Mountains. The claim has high centered 4x4  access or ATV as there is no road for the last 1/4 mile  and a few good camp sites at about 2750 feet average elevation nearby. Black Canyon City, a full service community is located about 15 miles south of the claim on Hwy 17. Phoenix is about 65 miles south and Flagstaff about 90 miles north. The claim was at one time part of an old abandoned rancher homestead. 


We have tested and recovered placer gold in the small washes and gulches that drain from east to west (see photo of some of our test results). The gold ranges from fines, flakes to coarse pickers. The coarse gold did not travel far from the source be it quartz veins, iron stained shear zones or pockets in the altered wall rock. Metal detectors work well on the pickers but a dry washer is your best bet and process the concentrates through a Desert Fox Gold Wheel which will run for hours on a few gallons of water and a small 12 volt battery for the pump. This claim is ideal for the prospector or miner who does not wanted an area alongside of the freeway and has been worked to death. 

"If it didn't have gold, I wouldn't have staked it."
 - Steve Karolyi, Founder and Owner

After serving his country in Vietnam, Steve Karolyi's experience includes:

  • Four years underground contract mining, shaft sinking, driving drifts, raises and haulage adits.

  • 12 years with Falconbridge LTD in Toronto, Canada as a contract explorationist

  • Founding of Ranger Exploration in 1978

  • Eight years with Kennecott Exploration in Reno, NV as a contract explorationist

  • One year of diamond exploration with Kennecott Exploration

  • Four years exploring and prospecting the southwest by helicopter

  • Various freelancing and personal mining operations

After leaving the large mining companies for good, Steve dove into Ranger Exploration beginning the mission of selling valuable mining claims. Eventually the name was changed to Ranger Gold Exploration and Mine Finder Gold was founded in 2006. With demand as it is, Steve?s longtime friend Ken joined the team as a surveyor. Ken uses his professional mining experience to accurately plot, test, and stake quality claims. Combined Mine Finder Gold is working off 75 years of knowledge and experience. Our mission as a company is to provide anyone who catches gold fever a viable outlet for treatment. We strive to sell safe, reasonably priced claims that anyone can purchase and yield results.

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