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For almost one hundred years, the Lake Arrowhead / Silverwood Lake / Lake Gregory / Big Bear area has been the primary mountain resort in Southern California.  The 782 acre Alpine Lake, nestled at an altitude of 5108', is often described as the jewel of Southern California.  The fresh mountain air and four-season climate is unmatched in Southern California.

Part of the San Bernadino National Forest, the lot for auction is loated less than 80 miles from Los Angeles, in an area that is a paradise of outdoor recreation and year round beauty.

A playground for the Hollywood jet-set, the San Bernadino Mountains, with their rustling pines and natural beauty are often called the Alps of Southern California.

Tourism is the primary economic generator for the area contributing several million dollars per year to the county and providing six hundred full time and seven hundred part time jobs for local residents.  The area is host to over four million visitors a year.  There are four hundred guest rooms and hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts, as well as five hundred cabins and condos which are rented on a short term basis.  The area is also popular for business conferences.

Many movies have been filmed in the area, including Heidi, Magnificent Obsession, The American President, Space Jam, and Parent Trap, to name a few.

The area has it all.  For the boating crowd, Lake Arrowhead, Silverwood Lake, Big Bear Lake and Lake Gregory are within a few minutes.  For the winter ski enthusiast, Bear Mountain and Snow Valley Ski Resort, Southern California's premier Ski resort, are within a few miles.

The lot for auction is located on Mojave River Road just south of Silverwood Lake and west of Lake Gregory and Lake Arrowhead in the lake area  community of Cedarpines Highlands. 

There are no liens on the property, no back taxes, no association fees or dues and no time frame in which you have to build. Next years taxes have been paid so no taxes are due until November of 2018

Attached is the San Bernardino County Assessors plan of the lot, a street view of the lot and some maps of the area and pictures of Lake Arrowhead and Silverwood Lake.

The property will be conveyed by a California Grant Deed which is the most commonly used deed in California.

Assessor's Parcel Number: 0343-053-14-0-000 ( Lot 5 ) 


Please do your due diligence before bidding

By bidding you are entering into a legal contract to purchase the property

A $295.00 documentation fee will be added to the high bid

Payment is due in three business days by bank check, wire transfer or credit card.

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