Custom Minifigure Military Army Guns Weapons Compatible for Lego Set Accessories

Modern Army Military Set with Accessories, Armor, and Sandbags
2 X Sniper Rifles
6 X Assault Rifles
9 X Sub Machine Guns
1 X Shotgun
1 X Light Machine Gun
6 X Stands for Guns
1 X Binoculars
6 X Headset
6 X Club
6 X Machete
6 X Baton
6 X Pistol
6 X G1 Grenade
6 X Smoke Grenade
6 X Knife
6 X Flashlight
6 X Radio / Detonator

Armor Pack

9 of Each Sandbag in Green, Tan, and Black
9 X Army Headsets
3 X Army Gasmask
3 X Night Vision Goggles
3 X Tactical Vest in Green, Tan, Black
3 X Belt Holster in Green, Tan, Black
1 of Each Color Boonie Hat (Green, Tan, Black)
1 of Each Color Night Vision Hat in (Green, Tan, Black)
1 of Each Color Grunt Hat (Green, Tan, Black)

Make custom Lego sets and minifigures with this amazing weapons pack.  Create different types of soldiers by swapping different weapons and accessories.  Enjoy hours of fun and imagination.  Get kids using their hands and their minds again.  Every item is compatible with Lego sets, or other 2 inch minifigures, but is made by our company.

These types of minifigure accessories are becoming quite popular among brick builders.  Using various armor, weapons, or different accessories help bring each Lego character to life.   Furthermore, this is the best way for customers to revamp older characters.

Get children back to using their hands and engaging with others.  Instead of being projected video game violence, kids will converse and create epic battle scenes with each other.  Many studies say that this type of engaging play can help to get out aggression and help social skills.  Furthermore other studies have shown kids engage longer when playing with items they choose.

Parents can possibly use armor or other weapons packs as a learning tool.  Some children have parents or grandparents in the military or an interest in weapons.    Kids will enjoy learning about the different military gear their family used, while having fun.

Every piece is crafted from ABS plastic, so never worry about quality.  This material is the same used by most brick manufacturers.  Reminder that none of these parts are mechanical.  Every armor piece or weapons set provided is a scale replica model.

Save money while revamping old minifigure characters.  Get the best cost savings purchasing weapons and accessories in a kit.  Enjoy mixing and matching our pieces with others from companies like Lego or Brickarms.  Although these are compatible, each piece is third party manufactured.


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