Need to re-label clothing, hats, bags, or any garments? look no further than this Price Tag Label Gun

Our Price Tag Label Gun Kit includes everything you need to get started labeling garments.

Our tag gun uses standard tag barbs and includes 1000 extra barbs and an extra replacement needle.   


Simple One Hand Operated Tag Gun


Just load the tag barbs on top and you're ready to start tag labeling your garments. Just push the needle through the garment and pull the trigger and a tag barb gets pushed in.

Plastic Body with Safety Cap


Ergonomic Hand grip with needle safety cap so it comfortable and safe to use.

1000 x 2" Barbs and 1 x Extra Replacement Needle


Tag Label Gun Kit includes 1000 x 2" Barbs and and extra needle. 

Complete Kit to start price tagging Garments


Our complete price tag label gun kit is ready for immediate use. We ship out of South El Monte, California.

Inside Package Kit:

1 x Price Tag Label Gun 1000 x 2 inch Tagging Barbs 1 x Replacement Needle